May 30

Brando C: How Did I Learn English?

Well, guys, as you may know, I am from Colombia and of course, my first language is Spanish.I grew up with my 3 cousins and I was the younger one but they were very into anglo pop music and videogames in that time, not all the videogames had a translation for every country as now they have it, but thanks to my cousins, videogames and the music they listen too I started to get interested in English and I start to practice English with them. I started to know a lot of words cause I was like the assistant of my cousins cause I have a good memory I wanted to study English I finish my course like a month ago and that is how I learn English. and I will like to tell to every one of you that learning a new language is one of the best and most magical thing ever! doesn’t matter if you are a very old person or a young person! learn a new language! learning is fun Kisses and hugs xoxo

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May 29

Movie Lovers

Calvin Banks always likes to do things big. So, rather than “Netflix and chill,” he brings his new boy interest, Dylan Hayes to his pimped out, private home theater. There’s some serious snuggling and over the clothes action goin’ down during the movie; but, when the credits roll, Banks turns into Dylan’s dick slingin’ director! Calvin gives delicious dirty talk while he orders the hard bodied boy around. He smacks his beautiful bubble butt, then forcefully pulls the dude’s drawers down. He spreads that bubbled up, back seat, and sucks Hayes’ hot hole with a vengeance. His ultra hot, erotic orders don’t stop there. Banks asks, AND receives a super sloppy, spit dribbling dick sucking, which sends his schlong seeking Hayes hungry hole. With Dylan’s schlong slobber covering his cock, Calvin’s able to slip his bareback beast right up his twunk’s tight tail pipe, and quickly get to pounding. Hayes hammers hole right back at the boy, meeting in the middle for a smashtastic prostate pounding. Banks bangs the fuck out of the dude, punching his perfect posterior while delivering porn perfect, dirty talk. After a half time show shaft swallow, Banks parks his perfect piece back in Hayes’ horned up hole and heaves his huge hog hard and deep. He slows the smash down to enjoy the wide open ass view; then, he sucks some sex juice from the boy’s banged out booty. Sticky sex sounds fill the room, signaling bottom boy’s about to blow. Calvin keeps cocking his sweet center, knocking out every oozy ounce of cum, till Dylan’s dick doesn’t drip anymore.Then, he pulls out and annihilates pretty boy’s face, and wide open mouth with his white hot wad. Cum whore Hayes is still hungry; so, he inhales every inch of Calvin’s cum covered rod for a funk flooded finale!

May 29

Sam Wayne: Brief Life Update and Question

Hello Flirt4Free! I am sorry for being so inconsistent on here recently. I am back home from my college for the summer and have been extremely busy working my day-job. I am trying to save up enough income for both my school and leisure activities. I am constantly seeking new ways I can improve to your guys’ liking! I need feedback on what you guys like and what you don’t. Please feel free to text me at my extension number, or message me online here. What do you guys want to see in my shows?xoxoSam

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